Services of National Library of Bolivia

The library of the National Archives and Library of Bolivia, which is named after Fray Antonio de la Calancha, one of the prime and leading intellectuals of the early years of culture in ponds and the Viceroyalty of Peru; it constitutes an effective tool enabling policy enforcement for disseminating knowledge and culture established by the Cultural Foundation of the Central Bank of Bolivia.

Indeed, in the Library Fray Antonio de la Calancha are all books produced by the editorial line of the National Archive and Library of Bolivia and editions of all cultural centers of the Cultural Foundation of the Central Bank of Bolivia, namely: House National Mint, Freedom House, National Museum of Art, Museum of Ethnography and Folklore and Cultural Center of Santa Cruz.

Also, this library contains a large number of books related to publishing Bolivian history, geography, culture, art, sociology, literature, music and other disciplines of social sciences, something which constitutes an important center of distribution, promotion and acquisition Book boliviano.dsc05129ok

In order to promote the dissemination of knowledge, especially that developed on the basis of primary and secondary sources that are preserved in the National Archive and Library of Bolivia, the bookseller accepts the consignment of books written by its researchers.